Our firm deals preferentially with consulting in the selection and subsequent implementation of ERP systems. This activity can be described briefly in the following points:


Assistance during the selection and implementation of an ERP system


Minimisation of risks in the selection and implementation of an ERP system (observance of quality, price and deadline for performance)

This specifically involves assistance in:


1. Wider selection:

- defining a task
- definition of project goals, the method of measurement thereof
- defining a wider group of candidates
- defining an RFI (request for information)
- evaluating RFIs


2. Shortlist:

- defining a shortlist of candidates
- defining an RFP (request for proposal)
- evaluation of bids
- defining a task for presentations
- evaluation of presentations
- defining a task for reference visits
- evaluation of reference visits
- definition of finalists
- defining a task for a study
- evaluating the study


3. Contract negotiations:

- drafting of a contract
- opposing counter-proposals of the contract
- evaluation of draft contracts
- definition of a finalist


4. Implementation

- defining possible risks of the project
- defining the project schedule
- definition and optimisation of the primary process
- defining a key functionality (production planning, ATP, etc.)
- evaluation of individual project stages
- defining and management of project changes
- assurance of quality, deadline and price
- measuring and evaluation of goals achieved


Systems implemented

MFG Pro IFS Navision Movex JDE BAANSAPOracle Microsoft Dynamics Helios Infor